One Funky Night Video Game Loop
Desert Funk Video Game Loop
The-Rumble Video Game Loop
Sleepytime Video Game Loop
Adventurous Spirit Video Game Song
Metal Chips Video Game Song
Starfly Video Game Song
Gradius 3 - Invitation (Remake) General Rock Song
Don't Deny The Funk Dubstep Song
BURN (That 70's Show Kelso Tribute) Dubstep Song
Kamahamaha Overload Dubstep Song
A Journey Begins Heavy Metal Song
Author Of The Curse Heavy Metal Song
G-Force Heavy Metal Song
Terror In The Sky Heavy Metal Song

2015 Submissions

Dark Memory Heavy Metal Song
The Creationist Video Game Loop
Confusion Illusion (NES) Video Game Loop
Alpha Video Game Song
Crystal Clear Experimental Song
Underground Classic Rock Song
Kármán Ambient Loop
Galactic Wasteland Chipstep Song
Lost In Time Chipstep Song
Hyper Funk Indie Song
Smooth Groove(Chiptune) Chipstep Song
Droid 8 Chipstep Song
Target Renegade - Level 1 Classic Rock Song
Light Speed Heavy Metal Song
Slow Rage Heavy Metal Song
Carnival On The Fritz Chipstep Song
Boom Sap Indie Song
Smooth Groove Classical Song
Simpler Times Indie Song
Hypnotic Indie Song
Plane of Harmony Classical Song
Pixelated Lazers Indie Song
Falling Star Indie Song
Orbit Indie Song
Lost At Sea Classical Song
Witch's Invitation Experimental Song
Confusion Illusion Heavy Metal Song
Showdown Classic Rock Song
Street Fight Classic Rock Song
Funk Mode Dubstep Song
It's Time Classic Rock Song
Colorless Sky Classic Rock Song
Screw Reloading Classic Rock Song
The Dying Rose Classic Rock Song
Universal Wasteland Heavy Metal Song
Spooky Town Heavy Metal Song
Vegeta's Theme Guitar Cover Heavy Metal Song
Punchout Guitar Cover Classic Rock Song
Sonic 2 Mystic Cave Gutiar Heavy Metal Song
Mother 3 Serious Guitar Cover Heavy Metal Song
Killer Instinct Select Screen Heavy Metal Song
Mighty Ducks Guitar Cover Heavy Metal Song
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Classic Rock Song
Invader Zim Guitar cover Heavy Metal Song
Gohan SSJ2 Theme Cover Classic Rock Song
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Classic Rock Song
Brainlord "Dragon Legend" Classic Rock Song
007 Goldeneye N64 "Runway" Heavy Metal Song
007 Goldeneye N64 "Dam" Heavy Metal Song

2012 Submissions

Gradius III Invitation Heavy Metal Song